Exclusive tapestry cushions made in France

Collection change for
Tissage d'Art de Lys
all current cushions reduced in price!

We have put together several matching cushions from the high-quality, exceptionally colourful pillowcases so that you can easily decorate throughout.    
We would like to present you some extraordinary designs from the collection Tissage d'Art de Lys and expand our collection bit by bit.

This is why the products proudly carry the "made in France" label.
The entire manufacturing process, from design and weaving to ready-made clothing, takes place in France at the company's headquarters in Lys-lez-Lannoy.

The colourful, finely patterned pillowcases are woven on modern Jacquard looms.

The "Tissage d'Art de Lys" weaving mill in France has been located in the Flanders region for over 120 years. The high-quality tapestries produced there, as goblins are also called, are perhaps familiar to you from French museum shops or from strolling through elegant French furniture stores.

Exceptional cushion creations in traditional tapestry weaving.

Gobelin Tapestry - Cushions and pillow cases from France.