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The year 2009 was a milestone for LIBECO.
LIBECO Lagae celebrated 150 years of linen manufacture.

And LIBECO is one of the few groups, which manufactures all products itself from start to finish.

From the flax through weaving and dying right to sewing and embroidery – the entire production processes are carried out in LIBECO’s own manufacturing facilities. Highest quality is therefore guaranteed. The contemporary designs show a clear  influence of traditional patterns and qualities.

Here at Anne’s Table we are presenting you a selection of classic and seasonal items from the LIBECO collection.

If you don’t find the desired item, please contact us directly by email or telephone under +49 (0)681-37201000.
We will be happy to order all items in the current catalogue with a short delivery of approx. 3 weeks.
Also bedding and accessories


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